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he had genuine concern over my plight and when I retained him, I thought "well, this is going to take a long time." I was amazed at the speed in which Adam settled my case. I am now service connected at 100%. I am so happy and pleased with Adam and Julie. They both were always very patient. I would recommend Adam and Julie to any veteran who is in need of legal help with their disability claim. Thank you so much Adam and Julie.

it was through the VA. You were a delight and pleasurable to work with. You were patient with the many questions we had no matter when we called. You always followed through with what you said you would do for us in a very timely manner. Again, Thank You!

whether it is in the VA system, regional offices, appeals process, attorney's office, or the military itself. Adam and Julie take the time to understand your case and treat you as a member of their family. I felt like my case was as important to them as it was myself. After originally being denied benefits, Adam and Julie were able to take the evidence and present it to the VA to receive a 100% rating including four years of back pay. Their knowledge with veterans law and how the VA disability process works is superior to any firm or lawyer I had dealt with in the past. Do not take the VA on yourself. Adam and Julie are experts in their field, know who to contact, and the specific evidence VA is looking for. In addition they were also able to arrange private doctor's appointments to get my current diagnoses to assist with my claim that started four years ago. Within one year of turning my case over to GloverLuck my case was resolved favorably. Adam and Julie were able to get my case handled in a timely manner and always returned phone calls and emails, and were very thorough. I never felt rushed when talking to Adam or Julie and they are more than willing to listen to your concerns. I recommend to all veterans who are in the VA disability process to contact GloverLuck whether you have representation or not. It is the best decision I have ever made and I will be forever grateful for the work they performed for me.

Since 2007, I was represented by an old established Veteran's Service Organization who in my opinion did absolutely nothing to aggressively present and move my case forward thru the appeals boards quagmire. In just a few short months (six actually) your efforts brought to a close eight long years of frustration and heartache.

My hat is off to you and your team for your aggressive diligence in obtaining a healthy compensation for the life-altering medical errors while under the care of the VA Health Care System. Your assistance in ending this nightmare brings tears of joy to me and my family.

May your efforts in representing other deserving Veterans be as equally successful.

they knew or really cared about my situation. It's the things that you have said and the action that you have taken thus far that have given me the impression that I finally found someone that can help me, thank you!!!

veterans lawyers for any situation. The results of my appeal were far above what I could have expected. Hire GloverLuck for your Veterans Law needs.

Thanks for being my lawyer.

to assist me with my claim. Unfortunately they gave me the wrong information twice and now its four and a half years since my original claim was filed.

I talked with several lawyers and chose Mrs. Glover and Mr. Luck. Mr. Luck was extremely understanding to my situation and showed genuine concern. They will explain all of your options and answer any questions about your claim. They will always return your phone calls and keep you updated on your progress.

You need professionals that know how “the system works” and for me, Mrs. Glover and Mr. Luck were an easy choice. I highly recommend them for veterans needing help with their claims.

to get the Navy to revise his service connected disability rating with no success. Even after his 8th neck surgery and his employer deeming him unemployable, we were denied any increase of his 60% rating. The VA doctors all agreed his injury was severe, he was even granted Social Security disability benefits but still no rating change. We had years of appeals, always getting the same answers.

Finally in 2012. We made the choice to hire a VA lawyer. We needed someone who knew exactly what needed to be done to get my husband his 100 percent disability rating. We wanted someone who really cared about the veteran and a firm that would treat us like a person and not just a case number. We found that in Adam and Julie. Hiring them was the absolute best thing I could of ever done. Adam and Julie handled our appeal with the greatest care and we finally got exactly what my husband deserved. He finally received his 100 percent disability rating and all of his back pay.

During the appeal, my husband had additional surgeries and procedures. Adam updated our appeal claim each time to keep all our medical files current. Adam always took the time to talk to me, even just listening to me vent when things seem to just stand still. Without Adam and Julie I know we would never have gotten the increased rating.

I highly recommend Adam and Julie if you need assistance with your claim. I will refer every veteran struggling with the rating board to them because I know they really do care about the veterans and their families.

and respect. They worked tirelessly on my case in front of the Board of Veterans Appeals and even found claims missed by other attorneys. Their efforts changed my life.

and they accepted my case. They are experts in the VA process and the supporting cases that can be referenced to accelerate a decision. In my case, my army records had been destroyed in the fire in St. Louis, so my claims were more difficult to support. Adam took my case and escalated it to a successful conclusion. Adam is extremely knowledgeable of all pertinent legal cases and very aggressive as well. I am very pleased in their professionalism and would not attempt to deal with the VA by myself in the future.

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